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D'juil 13 - Bebop - A Concerto for Cello and Metal Percussion. A concerto for Cello and an Orchestral pallet of metal objects and sonorities - good god what didn't we do with the Cello - has this ever been done before ? A Concerto for Cello - that hallowed form - with a Gamelan of resonant Idiophones. Indeed with a first movement of almost entirely metal percussion . This is a fully descriptive term I use to name a tranche of my own composition focusing on percussion with metal [The Coventry Canticles - with bell harmonics - the 'voices' of metal for example - an obsession of mine, as an offshoot of Drum percussion, since a childhood exposure, in early 80's popular music, like Depeche Mode - and through Industrial music, like Faust and Einsturzende Neubauten]. This is a priceless marriage of David's Cellistic sensibility and my Metal Percussive soundworld. It is unique in our output from that point of view.

the first 3 movements [of five], are contained within a first section - arranged here as 'Part 1' - to aurally emphasise the partition of this group. Following the short, percussive, opening movement, the Cello soars into it's distinction in the Second - delineating 'Concerto like' its presence on the stage - as the star - as the hero. Its precocious wooden body surrounded by a sea of hard, sharp, unmusical objects - fighting through and entangling with them.

The Second part - containing the remaining 2 movements - opens with low strings and sharp challenging percussion. This 4th movement, is short, like the first movement, and likewise followed by a soloing cello in the 5th and longest movement. Rapidly the Cello loses its ground to a 'sea of natural shocks it seems heir to'. Then, gaining back its ground - it rises with such elegance, to so a graceful an end that even Haydn might have smiled.


released April 2, 2012



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D'juil Leicester, UK

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